mLIMS Release Notes

December 2021 mLIMS Updates and Changes

AALAS Technician Fun Fair

  Here are the answers to your Technician Fun Fair Questions!  Good Luck Everyone!


mLIMS Add-Ons

Did you know that mLIMS has additional modules that you can add to your colony management program?

Improved Breeding and Litter Reporting in mLIMS

Get a better snapshot of your  litter survival with mLIMS enhanced reports.  Get an overview of litter survival, download a report, or plot results.  Go to reports - litter survival to run a report.

mLIMS Improvements Summer 2018

More improvements have been added to the mLIMS Program! 

mLIMS Upgrades are Here!

 We are very pleased to announce two major upgrades to the mLIMS system!  Introducing our new settings dashboard and animal level protocols!

mLIMS 2018 is released

mLIMS 2018 updates round 1!

mLIMS 2017 Updates

mLIMS Is Now Mobile-Friendly!

Plan Mouse Work During the Holiday Easily

Enjoy the holidays and have peace of mind that your mouse colony tasks are taken care of. Here are a few tips on how to use mLIMS to help schedule tasks and plan experiments during the holidays.


Mouse Colony at a Glance

A picture is worth a thousand words. That's why we introduced graphic summaries to give you a good idea of the mouse colony at a glance.

Create Your Own Animal/Cage Report

To review report on a specific group of animals or cages frequently, you can add direct links at the left menu by using the smart search feature of mLIMS.


mLIMS Cool Tips - Weaning Made Easy!

Do you want to save time when weaning pups for your mouse colony? Here are some cool features of mLIMS that can automate and speed up the process to add new pups, record genotypes, and set up weaning cages.

Understanding RNA-Seq Analysis, a Guide for Biologists

Gene profiling is the most widely used genomic technology. As a biologists, do you know how to assess the quality of RNA-Seq data, and make new discoveries on the mechnisms of gene regulation?


Tutorial: From Gene List to Functions

To kick off our series of Genomic Data Mining Tutorials, we provide step-by-step instructions for a very common workflow for array or RNA-Seq data: find genes that changed and identify functions for these genes.

Find Tissue-Specific Expression Pattern for Any Gene

Tissue-specific expression pattern can provide important insights regarding gene function. Data sets that cover gene expression across multiple tissues are often dubbed as "gene atlas". Now you can access the most popular public gene atlases within BxGenomicDB easily. Just follow this link to search for any gene and find out the expression pattern across many human and mouse tissues.

Functional Annotation of Gene Lists in DAVID

After a list of genes are identified (e.g. by differentially expression), BxGenomicDB can pass the gene list to DAVID tool, where biologists can use a comprehensive set of functional annotation tools to further explore the data.

Find Correlated Genes in Large Data Sets

When you see a gene showing interesting profile (e.g. nice response curve with drug doses or time courses), you can use the correlation feature in BxGenomicDB to find similar genes or genes that show completely opposite profile.

Online Functional Enrichment Tool

We are glad to introduce a new convenient tool for researchers. This web-based tool will help you identify what functional categories are over-represented in a gene list. With one click, the tool will perform enrichment analysis on a variety of categories including function, localization, pathways, protein domains, etc.

Search and Filter Genes in Genomic Data

Interested in viewing the results for a subset of genes in your genomic data set? It is easy to search for genes with differentially expression, genes from a pathway, or any other genes of interest with BxGenomicDB.


Review ChIP-Seq Data using IGV

ChIP Peaks  Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) is adopted by many researchers working with next-gen sequencing data due to its speed and capability to handle large data sets. BxChIPSeq provides output files (TDF file for sequence coverage, bed file for peaks) that can be loaded into IGV.

Ultimate Molecular Cloning Guides


BxSeqTools Enables Gene Sequence Anaysis and Molecular Cloning in The Cloud

BxSeqTools is an integrated system allowing users to perform sequence analysis online, use your own data and resources, use public databases like GenBank, organize the results, and perform further molecular cloning work using built in bioinformatics tools. Everything is seamlessly integrated and readily available online.