Example Custom Systems

Custom solutions for academic and industrial research laboratories


BioInfoRx offer a variety of cloud-based systems for both academic and industrial scientific research laboratories.

Websites & Intranets

  • Research lab websites with matching styles
  • Companion websites for scientific publications
  • Business websites with integrated e-commerce solutions

Scientific Systems

  • Custom item and sample tracking systems for different customers
  • Complex lims for biomarker discovery, oligo synthesis
  • Project information management with file sharing, messages, tasks

Workflow Automation

  • Automation of antibody production process
  • Automation of oligo design, synthesis, ordering, and storage
  • Automation of transgenic animal production

Big Data Processing

  • Complex information Systems for diabetes research laboratories
  • Large scale metabolomic and proteomic data analysis
  • Analysis and visualization of genomic data, pathways, and enrichment

Websites and Intranets

BioInfoRx offers website development services to academic and industrial customers, including, but not limited to:

  • Academic lab websites with compatible styles to department or university websites
  • Companion websites for publication purpose, e.g., public databases
  • Business websites with integrated e-commerce solutions
  • Intranet solutions with web tools for lab information management and process automation

Scientific Lab Info Systems

At BioInfoRx, we specialize in tailor-made scientific information system development services. Our focus is on delivering web-based solutions that are dependable, built on our exclusive BxAF application framework technologies.

Over the years, we have designed and developed several sophisticated data management and processing systems for a wide range of clients, including individual labs, core facilities, small biotech businesses, and large pharmaceutical companies. Our expertise covers various fields, including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and custom applications.

Workflow Automation

BioInfoRx helps research labs and biotech companies to optimize their workflow, digitalize information, and automate workflow as much as possible through innovative web-based systems.

  • Proven technologies guarantee reliable, expandable, and flexible solutions.
  • We understand customers' needs and deliver rapid solutions.
  • Cost effective due to cloud-based solutions, extensive experience, and mature technologies.

Big Data Processing

BioInfoRx has a long history of supporting big data analysis and visualization for research labs, covering gene sequences, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and other specialized fields. Here are some related publications: