mLIMS Add-Ons

Did you know that mLIMS has additional modules that you can add to your colony management program?

Improved Breeding and Litter Reporting in mLIMS

Get a better snapshot of your  litter survival with mLIMS enhanced reports.  Get an overview of litter survival, download a report, or plot results.  Go to reports - litter survival to run a report.

mLIMS Improvements Summer 2018

More improvements have been added to the mLIMS Program! 

mLIMS Upgrades are Here!

 We are very pleased to announce two major upgrades to the mLIMS system!  Introducing our new settings dashboard and animal level protocols!

mLIMS 2018 is released

mLIMS 2018 updates round 1!

mLIMS 2017 Updates

mLIMS Is Now Mobile-Friendly!