mLIMS For Animal Facilities

No matter how small or large your facility, we have a solution for you.

Manage and share animal colony information online

mLIMS Facility is a 100% web-based tool specifically designed for animal resource centers or facilities to digitally manage all animal care records and core operations. It has convenient and powerful tools to help the facility to increase efficiency and save time, and it provides accurate animal census reporting and billing capabilities.

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Everything you need to manage your animal colonies, made simple!

Whether you have a 50-cage or 10,000-cage colony, mLIMS is equally easy to use.

Low Setup Cost, Simple User Interface
  • Cloud based system, no need to invest in data server or IT cost
  • Simple implementation, set up in days or weeks
  • Intuitive web-based interface, requires only minimum training
  • No installation needed, works with PC, tablet or smartphone
Improve Productivity and Reduce Cost
  • On-site management of records with mobile devices
  • Pedigree, cage cards w/ barcodes, and cage maps
  • Convenient workflow for mating, litter, genotyping
  • Email notifications and calendar for tasks and alerts
  • Powerful search and sort functions
Accurate, Real-Time Census for Per Diem Billing
  • Cage census with batch scan using standard or QR barcodes or RFID
  • Real-time, dynamic cage account for every lab
  • Per diem billing categories and individual pricing options
  • Support for billing tasks and medical treatment
  • Auto-calculation of charges based on actual usage
Better Communication between Facility and Research Labs
  • One accurate database, no dispute on census or billing
  • Ticket system for PI to request tasks from facility
  • Real-time animal and cage summary for each PI
  • Email notifications for tasks, medical record etc.
  • Seamless integration with mLIMS Enterprise to enable management by both research labs and facility
Permanent Records and Compliance Tools
  • IACUC Protocol management with automatic animal census
  • System warning for overcrowded cages or unweaned litters
  • Role based access, cage history, full audit trail
  • Daily backup, permanent records

mLIMS Facility is 100% web-based and requires no special software or hardware. We provide hosting with daily backup, and we can also work with your IT team to set up local hosting if required.

List of Key Features

  • Real-time online summary
  • Role-based access
  • Email reminder for events
  • Email to ics calendar
  • Calendar view for tasks
  • Generate reports with smart search
  • Track medical records
  • Create per diem billing report
  • View daily cage count
  • Cage inspection with barcode scanner
  • Cage census with barcode scanner
  • Convenient cage tools
  • Pedigree and plotting tools
  • Batch update multiple cages
  • Integration with other systems
  • Customization based on your needs

mLIMS Family

There are multiple versions of mLIMS to fit your needs.

Product Description
mLIMS Standard Animal colony management for individual research labs
mLIMS Enterprise Group license for multiple research labs in a department or institute.
mLIMS Facility Special version for managing animal colony at a core facility; it provides accurate animal census reporting, task management and billing capabilities. Researchers will have read-only access to the system.
mLIMS Complete All the features of mLIMS Standard, Enterprise and Facility to meet the needs of your entire organization
  mLIMS Stan
mLIMS Enter
mLIMS Facil
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Quarantine Tools
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Rack/Room Tools
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