mLIMS For Enterprises

Whether you need to manage a few labs or the entire institute, mLIMS Enterprise is your easy solution.

mLIMS Enterprise Overview

mLIMS Enterprise is a web-based mouse colony management tool designed for a group of mouse research labs within the same university or research institute. Each individual lab will enjoy the same tools as standard mLIMS, and the institute will have access to these additional features to facilitate centralized management.

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Everything you need to manage your animal colonies, made simple!

Whether you have a 50-cage or 10,000-cage colony, mLIMS is equally easy to use.

Better Communication between Facility and Research Labs

Your institute can manage animal information across many labs centrally on a single domain using mLIMS Enterprise. Administrators mange labs from a centralized control panel.

Permanent Records and Compliance Tools

mLIMS Enterprise provides role-based access. While each group has access to their own animal data, administrators and super users can access multiple labs, and administrators can add or remove users and labs.

List of Key Features

  • Your institute's own domain for mouse colony management
  • System tailored to your institute's specific needs for cage cards, naming scheme, login methods, etc.
  • Administrator roles to add or remove labs and users
  • Super user roles enabling one user to work within multiple labs
  • Advanced animal project tools for easy collaboration
  • One flexible annual subscription based on actual usage
  • Local or remote hosting options, all with full IT support

mLIMS Suite of Products

There are multiple versions of mLIMS to fit your needs.

Product Description
mLIMS Standard Animal colony management for individual research labs
mLIMS Enterprise Group license for multiple research labs in a department or institute.
mLIMS Facility Special version for managing animal colony at a core facility; it provides accurate animal census reporting, task management and billing capabilities. Researchers will have read-only access to the system.
mLIMS Complete All the features of mLIMS Standard, Enterprise and Facility to meet the needs of your entire organization
  mLIMS Standard mLIMS Enterprise mLIMS Facility mLIMS Complete
Animal/Cage Tools
Breeding Tools
Protocol Management
Service Request
Medical Record
Quarantine Tools
Cage Census
Rack/Room Tools
Access multiple labs
User Permissions
Transfer data between labs
Admin Control Panel