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mLIMS for Biotech is designed for biotech companies with an animal vivarium. mLIMS for Biotech supports multiple species and includes all of the features of mLIMS for Researchers as well as key features from mLIMS Facility.

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mLIMS for biotech is web-based and user friendly, and contains features specifically designed to combine animal facility management with research tasks. mLIMS Mouse Colony software can meet all of your needs in one user-friendly cloud-based program. mLIMS Mouse Colony Management System is a leader in providing animal colony software for researchers, animal facilities, and organizations.

mLIMS Mouse Colony Management System is a leader in providing animal colony software for researchers, animal facilities, and organizations.


Manage rooms, racks and cages, track protocols and generate reports.

   Cage and Room Management
  • Manage room, cage, and rack locations
  • Manage room inspections
  • Manage cage checks
  • Create cage maps
  • Cage census
  • Cage count for billing

   Protocol Management
  • Assign and manage protocols
  • Track protocol usage and quotas
  • Support integration with 3rd party system

  • Animal and cage usage
  • Protocol usage
  • Breeding performance reports
  • Litter survival reports
  • Billing report
  • Animal order

   Manage Medical Records, Assign Treatment Plans
  • Create and update medical records
  • Identify clinical signs
  • Manage and track treatments
  • Message researchers
  • Link to medical billing

Manage Rooms, cages, animals, breeding, experiments, measurements, and much more.

   Room Checks
  • Keep cage rooms up to date
  • Review all activities by location
  • Complete room tasks

   Manage Lab Animals
  • Create and save searches, update animals
  • Manage animal strains and genotypes
  • Generate animal reports
  • Set reminders for animal management

   Manage Breeding & Pedigrees
  • View and manage breeding events
  • Set reminders for tagging, weaning
  • View full pedigree and common ancestry

   Experiments & Measurements
  • Create experiment cohorts and set reminders
  • Manage experiment data
  • Enter measurements and analyze results

Manage large or small rodent colonies with the most powerful and user-friendly mouse colony software available in the cloud. mLIMS has a unique, intuitive workflow that allows you to follow through with multiple tasks without interruption. Mouse colony maintenance is a breeze!

Suitable for mouse breeding, transgenic mouse colonies, knockout mouse colonies, rat breeding colonies, zebrafish management, tree shrew colonies, and much more.


All Pricing is based on a 12 month contract.

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For Researchers

  • Single User - $360/yr
  • 2 Users - $400/yr
  • 3-5 Users - $600/yr
  • 6-10 Users - $840/yr
  • 11-15 Users - $1,100/yr
  • 16+ users - Contact Us
  • Commercial - Contact Us

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mLIMS For Biotech

  • Starting at $720 per year

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mLIMS Enterprise

  • Starting at $360 per lab per year

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mLIMS Facility

  • Starting at $1000 per year

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mLIMS Add-Ons

Lab Notebook (Learn More)

$50 per user per year

Cage Census for mLIMS For Researchers (Learn More)

$50 per user per year

Single User

In this mode, only one user can access the system. It is good for labs with only one researcher responsible for animal information tracking. A single user account contains all features except Projects, which is designed for multi-user groups. Account sharing is not recommended for audit trail and tasks; if you have more than one user, a group account will meet those needs.

Group User

In this mode, multiple users can access the system simultaneously. Each user has an independent account with permissions set by the group manager. Whenever a record is updated, mLIMS will show who made the last changes. The system can also summarize the number of cages and animals for each user.

Large Group (21 users or more)

Please Contact Us for pricing information.

mLIMS Enterprise and Facility

Please Contact Us for pricing. Please provide information regarding hosting, number of labs, number of cages in facility, number of users, and any other special requirements.

mLIMS for Biotech

A special version of mLIMS is available for biotech and pharma companies.

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We accept checks, credit cards, purchase orders, and wire transfers. Please Contact Us for details.
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mLIMS Suite of Products

There are multiple versions of mLIMS to fit your needs.

Product Description
mLIMS for Researchers Animal colony management for individual research labs.
mLIMS for Biotech A special version of mLIMS is available for biotech and pharma companies.
mLIMS Enterprise Group license for multiple research labs in a department or institute.
mLIMS Facility Special version for managing animal colony at a core facility; it provides accurate animal census reporting, task management and billing capabilities. Researchers will have read-only access to the system.
mLIMS Complete All the features of mLIMS Standard, Enterprise and Facility to meet the needs of your entire organization
  mLIMS for Researchers mLIMS Enterprise mLIMS Facility mLIMS Complete mLIMS for Biotech
Animal/Cage Tools
Breeding Tools
Protocol Management
Service Request
Medical Record
Quarantine Tools
Cage Census
Rack/Room Tools
Access multiple labs
User Permissions
Transfer data between labs
Admin Control Panel
Experiment Plan
Animal Order
Lab Notebook