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Managing Strains in mLIMS Mouse Colony Management System

Published by mLIMS @ May 28, 2024, 1:35 pm

Animal researchers manage hundreds of strains of animals.  mLIMS helps researchers to manage active and inactive animal strains and data inconsistencies.  Follow our workflow to optimize animal colony strain management.

1. Start with mLIMS System Settings to determine how you will manage strains and dropdown menus. 


In the animal settings, there are two strain settings to manage:  enable strains and consolidate strains.  Use the dropdown menus to enable or disable strain menus, and consolidate strains if you are using the breeding modules.


In the dropdown menu settings, you can choose to show active strains only, making your dropdown list much easier to navigate.


2. Fix discrepancies in data entry with the Strain Report.

Since mLIMS features auto-generated dropdown menus, occasionally users may enter a new value that already exists in the dropdown menu.  If the strain is not typed exactly the same, it can appear as a new strain.  You can manage who is allowed to type new values in dropdown menus in the user permissions area, but inconsistent stain data is easily fixed in the Strain Report.

Select animals from the incorrect strain and update them in bulk to the correct strain name to remove incorrect data entry.


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