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Enhance your publication with a companion database

Build your own searchable online database to compliment your publication. Increase your collaboration and funding opportunities with a companion website. Below are companion websites from actual publications developed by our team. Contact us to learn how easy it is to build your own web database with BioInfoRx’s unique technology.

Medicago Protein Database

Plant Physiol. 2010, 152(1): 19-28.

Diabetes Database

Genome Res. 2008, 18(5): 706-16.

MitoMod Protein Database

Cell Metab. 2012, 16(5): 672-83.


The power of genomic data (when it’s analyzed properly)

Rather than telling you that we offer RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, microarray and other genomic data analysis services, we think it’s more fun to demonstrate how real biological problems are solved with our approaches.

From Gene List to Functions

We make it easy to identify genes of interest and find out what common functions they have.

Examples: Identify functions in genes involved in tumor metastasis (array or RNA-Seq); GO analysis for genes bound by a TCF7L2 transcription factor in liver cell line (ChIP-Seq).

Integral Analysis of Transcription Regulation

Our unique web-based database can easily combine results across experiments.

With genome-wide motif analysis, expression profiling, and promoter occupancy, we can show that NR4A2 is a bona fide CREB target gene and view all results in a single web page.

Results with Meaningful Annotations

We ensure that all results are meaningful and easy to understand.

For example, peaks from ChIP-Seq experiments will be mapped to genes, and enriched motifs, genomic features, and gene functions will be reported. Similarly, genetic variants from Exome sequencing will be annotated to help identify functional consequences.

How to Get Started

Simply contact us and tell us about your projects, and our experts will work with you to determine the best approach for analyzing your genomic data.

We will provide a quote with timeline and cost. With BioInfoRx, you will receive personal attention from our experts, who will work with you collaboratively to get biological meanings from your data quickly.

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Try our free data analysis tools for quick answers.

  1. Data overlap and area-proportional Venn Diagrams. You can compare two or more large lists (e.g. gene lists responding to two drugs for the same pathway, patient lists to different health clinics), and identify the overlap and plot Venn diagrams.
  2. Functional enrichment analysis from gene lists. Based on Homer software package, this tool will assess the enrichment of various categories of gene function.
  3. Variants annotation tools. Based on VEP (variant effect predictor), users can get functional consequences of genetic variants online. There is no limit on number of variants.
  4. Gene Atlas Database. Tissue-specific expression pattern can provide important insights regarding gene function. Now you can access the most popular public gene atlases with a single click within BxGenomicDB.