mLIMS Upgrades are Here!

We have received several requests for assigning animals at the animal level rather than the cage level.  As a result, our major relase for Q1 2018 has arrived.

Upgrade 1:

The new and improved settings dashboard makes navigating your system settings a breeze.  Choose your setting area and go!

Upgrade 2:

Set Protocol to either cage level or animal level, or disable completely.

In the protocol settings, you can choose whether or not to enable protocol tracking, and choose from cage level protocol or animal level protocol.  Since this is a brand new feature, if you would like to switch from cage level to animal level protocol, please contact us and we will transfer the data for you.  Provide us with your mLIMS user ID and we will quickly make the switch for you.

Why is this new tool useful?

You can have animals with different protocols in the same cage.

You can disable cages in mLIMS and just track animals and their protocols.

Easier to assign protocols to animals in bulk.