Plan Mouse Work During the Holiday Easily

To enjoy the holiday season, mouse researchers must plan their colony tasks carefully to fit the holiday schedule and avoid problems like unexpected litters or overcrowded cages. We like to share a few tips on how the online colony management software mLIMS can give you peace of mind during the holidays. You will receive a free iPad Air 2 with qualified subscriptions to mLIMS, so there is no better time than now to upgrade your animal research.

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Plan breeding based on real-time summary

With a single click, you can get accurate animal summary by age, strain, gender, gene and genotype, etc. It has never been so easy to plan just the right amount of breeding to meet your experimental needs and fit the busy holiday schedule.

Never miss a task with calendar and reminders

You can create animal tasks and they will show up in your personal calendar. When you set up mating and add new litters, mLIMS will automatically create related events like weaning pups.

In addition, mLIMS will send you email reminders when it's time to do a task. If you will be away, you can add other people to receive the emails as well.


Plan team work with project tools

When you need a colleague to help take care of certain animals when you are away, you can easily share the related animal and cage information using the project feature in mLIMS. You decide what animals to be included in the project, and whether your colleague has read-only or full access to these records.

Integrative Analysis

Used by thousands researchers worldwide, mLIMS continues to improve with new features. Never before has managing, and now "seeing", your colony data been easier.

Try mLIMS For Free Join a Webinar Get Free iPad Air

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