Mouse Colony at a Glance

A picture is worth a thousand words. That's why we added graphic summaries in mLIMS to give you a good idea of the mouse colony at a glance.


At the home page, there are three summary graphs that display basic animal statistics, as well as number of cages per researcher.

With this summary, you can quickly identify the person who is having too many cages, or be alerted that certain transgenic animal populations may be running low.

Detailed Animal Statistics

If you click animal statistics, there are a few more summary graphs for the mouse colony. You can view animals by sex, age, strain, genes, or genes and genotypes.

When viewing animal by genes, one animal might be counted twice if it carries two transgenes. However, when viewing animals by genes and genotypes, each animal will only be counted once by the unique combination of genes and genotypes.

View Statistics of a Subset of Animals

At home page, by choosing different projects from the dropdown menu, you can view animal and cage summary of the subset of animals within each project.

From left menu, you can view animals by owner, strain, age, etc. For the selected subset of animals, you can click animal statistics button from the animal table and get summary of these animals. For example, you can quickly see age distribution of animals from a specific strain.


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