Create Your Own Animal/Cage Report

If you want to review a specific group of animals or cages frequently, you can add direct links at the left menu by using the saved searches feature of mLIMS. You can create almost any kind of reports by combining multiple search conditions.

Add links to your own report

Look at the screen-shot at left, I have a few links under Saved Searches that allow me to view specific animals with a single click. For example, the first link will show a report of all adult animals that are more than 2 months old but not genotyped. I can view this report and decide if more genotyping experiments are due. The last link will show female BRAC1 knockout animals that are less than 8 months old.

To create your own links, follow the two simple steps below.

Step 1. Search for animals/cages of interest

With the powerful search engine of mLIMS, you can combine multiple search conditions to get the report you want. For example, I can search for animals that are older than 2 months, status are live, and only have empty gene (which means not genotyped). After enter the three criteria and review the search results, I can do ahead to save this as a report for future use by clicking the smart search button.


Step 2. Save Smart Search

In the smart search manager pop-up window, just give the custom report a name, and click save. Now if you refresh the system by clicking home button, you new search will appear in the left menu under Saved Searches.

To remove or rename Saved Searches, use the Find Saved Searches drop-down list from smart search manager.

Smart search is available for animals, cages, matings and litters. Use it more often and you will save a lot of time when generating reports for your animal colony!

To learn more, visit mLIMS page and start a free trial today.