mLIMS Cool Tips - Weaning Made Easy!

Recording accurate information about pups is very important when breeding transgenic mice, but it can take a lot of time. Here are some cool features of mLIMS that can automate and speed up the process to add new pups, record genotypes, and set up weaning cages.

Add pups with auto-naming and tagging

When you need to add litters, just select how many pups are born, mLIMS will automatically create the new animal records. The date of birth, and the animal names and tags will be automatically assigned based on mating info and system settings.

Add genotypes based on parents genotype

When you are ready to enter genotypes for all the pups, mLIMS will display the parents' genes first, so you can easily enter the pups' genotypes. Tip: You can use the copy function to add the same gene and genotype values to all the pups, then update the genotypes as needed.

Create cages and wean pups automatically

We save the best feature the last. To wean animals automatically, simply choose "Auto Create Cages" options (see screen-shot above). In this advanced mode, mLIMS will automatically decide how many cages are needed based on cage capacity (5 per cage) and animal genders. For example, when we have 6 male and 3 female animals, mLIMS is smart enough to create 3 cages, and evenly separate the male animals into two cages.

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