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April 26, 2021

News: Quickomics: An Intuitive and Interactive Tool for Omics Data Exploration and Analysis

BioInfoRx is excited to announce that the the Quickomics system has been published in collaboration with Biogen in the journal Bioinformatics. QuickOmics is a feature-rich R Shiny-powered tool. It has been developed to enable biologists to explore complex omics statistical analysis results and perform advanced analysis in an easy-to-use interactive interface. This tool covers a broad range of secondary and tertiary analytical tasks after primary analysis of omics data is completed. Each functional module is equipped with customizable options and generates both interactive and publication-ready plots to uncover biological insights from data.

The large scale of omics datasets demands a more effective delivery method beyond the tabulated results, to enable full utilization of a given dataset. Several tools allowing interactive exploration and visualization of complex omics data for end-users without programming skills have been developed in recent years. However, these tools come with limitations regarding input formats, the ability to easily adjust plotting parameters, narrow focus on RNA-Seq data analysis or lack of comprehensive functionalities covering major secondary and tertiary analytical tasks such as gene set enrichment, co-expression network analysis and comparative pathway analysis. To address these gaps, Quickomics has been developed as an easy-to-use tool for the visualization of omics (mainly RNA-Seq and proteomics) data and statistical analysis results by leveraging newly developed R packages and modern JavaScript plotting libraries to enhance the usability from data quality control (QC) to generation of publication-ready figures.

Researchers can experience the functionalities with their own data or demo RNA-Seq and proteomics datasets by using the app hosted at and following the tutorial provided. The source code under GPLv3 license is provided at for local installation. 

For researchers who require expert support for QuickOmics, BioInfoRx offers RNA-Seq data analysis and visualization services through the BxGenomics product