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June 30, 2021

News: mLIMS Launches Lab Notebook Feature for Streamlined Research Documentation

mLIMS, a leading mouse laboratory information management system, has a new premium feature released in June 2021 called Lab Notebook. This new offering provides users with an extended version of their experiments and measurements tools while offering seamless integration with their mLIMS accounts. The Lab Notebook allows researchers to easily document their experiments, attach files and images, link samples and protocols, and share their notes with collaborators. The Lab Notebook is designed to help researchers save time, improve accuracy, and enhance collaboration in their research projects.

The mLIMS Lab Notebook is designed to help researchers organize their experiments and data into folders called Research Projects. Each project is divided into related experiments that can be further broken down into runs and measurements. The electronic lab notebook provides a "Tree" view that allows researchers to keep track of their experiments and data with ease.

The premium Lab Notebook feature comes equipped with a range of functions such as connectivity to mLIMS, access to the Lab Notebook, setting up the Lab Notebook, changing the notebook home page, reviewing, searching, and editing experiments, adding a run, tracking measurements, and completing an experiment.

The Lab Notebook is a premium feature, and users can contact mLIMS team for pricing information. To learn more about the Lab Notebook, please visit mLIMS help page.