mLIMS Mouse Colony Management System FAQ

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Mouse Colony Laboratory Information Management System

Yes! Since mLIMS is cloud-based mouse colony software system, you can use it wherever you have an Internet connection.

We offer two online webinars per week for new and current mLIMS users. You can also request a personal webinar time for yourself or your entire lab.

Although there is not a dedicated app to download, mLIMS is mobile-friendly and works like an app in your browser.

Any animal species can be included in mLIMS.

mLIMS enterprise is an umbrella for adding and managing labs and users in a large environment. It allows admins to create labs, add/remove and manage users, and assign super users to multiple labs within the organization.

mLIMS commercial version is a hybrid of mLIMS for Researchers and mLIMS Facility and is designed for biotech companies that wish to manage cages and racks, medical records, task management, and billing.

Our webinars are always free.

mLIMS can be used on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer 11 (older versions are no longer supported by Microsoft).

Although mLIMS is web-based, it can be installed on a local server for Intranet use. Contact Us for details.

The mLIMs mouse colony management import tool allows you to import new data as well as update existing data.

You can send us your data in excel format for import, or if you have a database file such as JCMS or Filemaker, we can assist with importing the database files.

mLIMS is compatible with RFID and Rapid ID.

An import tool is available in mLIMS for quickly importing genes and genotypes from your Transnetyx report.

BioInfoRx offers training, webinars, import services, real-time software updates, and telephone/email support.

Yes! Contact Us for a price quote for multiple groups.

Refer your colleagues and earn up to $600 per year. Visit our referrals page for details.

BioInfoRx accepts credit cards, Purchase Orders, checks, EFT Payments, and wire transfers.

You may cancel your subscription any time before the first 60 days. there is a $50 cancellation fee.

mLIMS is provided by BioInfoRx, Inc., located in Madison, Wisconsin.