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Manage and share animal colony information online
Online RNA-Seq data analysis and mining

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Available Online Academic Product Prices

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ProductUsersYearly Total
mLIMSSingle User$360
mLIMSUp to 5$600
mLIMSUp to 10$840
mLIMSUp to 25$1,500

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The Cloud

Store your data in the cloud, securely accessible from anywhere and have peace of mind that your data is backed up daily to multiple locations.


All data is stongly encrypted, written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in multiple remote locations to keep your data safe.


For example, in BxInventory, materials and reagents can be ordered through the ordering process and tracked with the integrated location tracking system.


With group tools, you can easily add new users and delegate certain privileges to only the users that need them. We give you the control.