BxInventory: Online Inventory System specially designed for Research Laboratories

  • Track spending and funds
  • Automate ordering procedures
  • Locate items online first, no digging through freezers for items


Why BxInventory

For Principal Investigators

Have you ever wanted to know:

  • How much funding is left in each grant?
  • What has been ordered? Who spent the most?
  • What are stored in the lab and where they are?
  • Or, need a spending summary for reporting?

BxInventory is the answer. You can view real-time spending summary and detailed reports by logging into your account from any browser.

Students, postdoc, or even lab managers may come and go, but your lab records are stored securely and permanently.

For Lab Managers

You know how important it is to get the lab organized. But it is too time consuming and hard to get everyone on board. BxInventory is the perfect solution.

  • Customize the system to meet lab needs
  • Add or remove user accounts and permissions as lab members change
  • Process order requests promptly and track received items easily
  • Review reminders and statistics daily to avoid duplicate orders or expired reagents

Maintaining accurate and real-time inventory is simple with BxInventory. Importantly, everyone in the lab will use it and love it because it helps everyone to be more efficient.

For Regular Lab Members

Ever wonder whether your order requests have been processed? Now, you can track progress online. Ever have to delay an experiment because some key reagent is missing? Now you will know where everything is and how much is stored in the lab by searching lab inventory from your browser.

  • Submit order requests and track order progress online
  • Find items available in the lab quickly
  • Check off received items and put them in containers
  • Check in and check out items for records

With BxInventory, you don't need to open lab freezers or liquid nitrogen tanks for a long time to dig samples out because you will know the exact locations.

No more missing reagent, no more duplicate orders, no more expired reagents, you can just focus on doing more science.


Manage Purchase Orders & Track Item Storage Information

Cloud-based System for Research Labs

BxInventory is a cloud-based system for research labs to manage order requests, process orders, and track office supplies, reagents and samples.

Top benefits include:

  • Review fund spending details in real-time
  • Find lab items and all history online
  • Avoid duplicate orders and expired reagents
  • Never run out of common reagents
  • Submit and track orders online

Learn more about why your lab will love this system

Get Started Easily at Any Time

BxInventory is a cloud-based system that allows labs to get started at any time. There is no need to purchase any computers/servers, or install any software on your local computers. Users only need a web browser to get started.

  • Ready to use on any computer, no software installation is needed
  • Access from any PC, Mac or mobile device from anywhere
  • Real-time synchronization for multiple users
  • A browser is all that is needed to use BxInventory
  • Immediately familiar to anyone who surfs the web and uses tools like Google Maps
Personalized System for Your Lab

Now lab managers can set up the ordering procedures, various user permissions, and custom database fields for all database tables. The flexibility guarantees the system meets the laboratory special needs.

  • Set up your own selections of fields for records
  • Change display names, add new custom fields
  • Choose properties (dropdown, URL, integers, dates ...)
  • Show, hide, rearrange columns in table display
  • Change theme color to your taste
  • Customize permissions for each user
Virtual View of Your Storage System
  • User defined location tree mirrors lab layout and shows locations of freezers, boxes, shelves, etc.
  • Move containers around with simple drag and drop
  • Store and display photos for any container or item
  • Grid display for boxes
  • Know what is stored in a freezer without opening the door
Barcode Support for Speed and Accuracy
  • System automatically assigns unique ID for every container or item; user can also enter additional barcodes
  • Compatible with 1D, 2D barcodes and RFID
  • Supports batch operations with barcode for Check In, Check out, or Relocate
  • Use QR code to access container or item information quickly on a mobile device like iPad
Advanced Functionality to Improve Efficiency
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop to relocate items in boxes
  • Store and re-organize Items easily with target container and shopping cart features.
  • Expiration, low quantity and overstock warnings
  • Advanced filter and search functions to find items quickly
  • Complete traceability for item usage and relocation


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