Store, manage, and share files for the whole lab

BxFiles is designed for scientific laboratories to share files effortlessly.
Every lab member can sign in the online system with their BioInfoRx account to access the shared files.

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Store, manage, and share files for the whole lab

Access group shared files online

Researchers can access their group shared files with a web browser using desktop computers or mobile device anywhere, any time.

Files are securely and permanently stored online.

Control who can access your files

There are three levels of permissions:

  • The group shared folder is for everyone to deposit and update lab common files (like protocols, reagent list, plasmid maps etc).
  • Everyone has a private folder to store files that are not ready to be shared yet.
  • The folders and files within each person’s folder is read-only to other.
Share files without attachments

Sharing folders and files without huge attachments:

Researchers can select folders and files to share, the system will compress these folders and files and generate a unique link. In the e-mail message, only this special link is included, no file attachments is needed. This will greatly reduce network traffic and the e-mail inbox size.