Organize and process microarray data online
  • BxArrays™ is a web-based microarray data management and microarray analysis system for researchers who need to organize microarray data efficiently and get microarray data analyzed instantly. BxArrays™ supports all major microarray platforms, including Affymetrix, Agilent, NimbleGen, and more.
  • BxArrays™ organizes microarray data into projects for online microarray analysis with predefined or custom procedures. BxArrays™ integrates with Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) and allows instantaneous re-analysis of published microarray data.
Why BxArrays™?
Key Features
Analysis Preview

Speed up Microarray Data Analysis

BxArrays Handles Your Microarray Data Management

It comes with integrated data management tools for contacts, projects, experiments, samples, and analysis results. It is an ideal system for both academic laboratories and biotechnology companies to manage samples and experimental details.

BxArrays Handles Your Microarray Data Analysis

Easy to use yet powerful analysis tools streamline this overwhelming process by taking millions of raw sequencing reads and transforming them into meaningful and easy-to-visualize data. All results can be visualized through our user friendly tools.

Designed with BxLIMS technology

BxArrays' excellent data management and sharing functions can manage microarray data including projects, samples, raw microarray data files, and analysis results. BxArrays™ comes with three highly automated and seamlessly integrated data analysis programs and a one-step data analysis tool. The microarray data can be from users’ own experiments (Custom Array Data), Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) raw array data, or Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) Curated DataSets.

BxArrays is a novel microarray data analysis and microarray data sharing system.

Its easy-to-use tools help both novice and experienced users perform initial analysis of their microarray data from the location of data storage. BxArrays™ tools are also valuable for re-analyzing published microarray data. BxArrays™ is a useful system for facilities with microarray services and laboratories involved with microarray data analysis.

BxArrays Makes Microarray Research Easier

  • Supports most major microarray platforms including NimbleGen, Affymetrix, Agilent, Illumina and others.

  • Supports custom microarray analysis procedures, so it can integrate well with your current protocols.

  • No previous knowledge of microarray data analysis is required, let our automated system do it for you.

  • Contains advanced data analysis algorithms supported by leading microarray researchers and biostatisticians.

  • Quick analysis with results ready in minutes for rapid turnaround of microarray data analysis.

  • Perform analysis on any type of microarray data including clustering microarray data, DNA microarray data, cDNA microarray data, and RNA microarray data.

  • You can perform significance analysis of microarray gene expression data using many statistical analysis tests including t-test, ANOVA tests, and many more.

  • You can download all final analysis data files and run further analysis if you want.

  • No programming is necessary and you can even run custom data analysis scripts.

  • Easy to use data management tools allow easy data sharing and instant re-analysis with different parameters.

  • Analyze any Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) published datasets in few clicks.

BxArrays Key Features

Control Microarray Data Files Visually

BxArrays contains built-in explorer-like online file management and group-based file sharing tools. While file owners have full control of their files (e.g. create new folders and files, rename or delete existing folders and files), group members can read, copy, and download others’ files, but are not allowed to make changes.

Organize and Find Your Data Easily

BxArrays contains a full-featured project and result search and browse tool. Users can browse project information page by page, update the viewing options, perform advanced searches, and download data in spreadsheet format.

Analyze All Published Microarray Data in a Few Clicks

Users can search for GEO DataSets, download CEL supplementary files, and create BxArrays™ projects to analyze previously published data. The sample information is automatically populated in the project based on the subset information stored in GEO GDS records.

Analyze All Sorts of Microarray Data FAST

Use Express Analysis to perform data analysis in minutes. Default analysis methods and parameters can be used directly due to our built-in logic. Experienced users have the option to select methods and enter specific analysis parameters.

BxArrays presents online directly. The resulting files, including executed scripts and execution logs, are classified, listed, hyper-linked, and compressed in one file for easy downloading.

Analysis Preview: Online Data Processing

In this demo, we are going to perform data preprocessing and quality assessment on microarray data, including correlation, box plot, RNA plot, heatmap, MAS5 QA and scatter plot. The result files are automatically stored in our database and can be reviewed at anytime from anywhere.


Analysis Name:
  Please select one or more dataset for analysis
Sample Name Group Info
Demo Sample - GSM65288Type: Control, Replicate: 1
Demo Sample - GSM65289Type: Control, Replicate: 2
Demo Sample - GSM65290Type: E2, Replicate: 1
Demo Sample - GSM65291Type: E2, Replicate: 2
Demo Sample - GSM65292Type: TAM, Replicate: 1
Demo Sample - GSM65293Type: TAM, Replicate: 2

Data Processing Methods:
Quality Assessment Options:
Level: Basic
Run time: Instant
Level: Intermediate
Run time: Minutes
Level: Advanced
Run time: Long
Correlation Array Images MVAplot of MM data
Histplot of CEL AffyPLM Analysis MVAplot of PM data
RNAplot MVA Plots of the Expression Estimation MVAplot of CEL data
Heatmap Scatterplot of Exp data Scatterplot of MM data
MAS5 QA   Scatterplot of PM data
Boxplot of Exp data   Scatterplot of CEL data
Boxplot of CEL data    
Boxplot of PM data    
Boxplot of MM data    

Microarray Data Analysis Results (not complete list):


GSM65288 GSM65289 GSM65290 GSM65291 GSM65292 GSM65293
GSM65288 1 0.983241 0.9846 0.615551 0.978893 0.977998
GSM65289 0.983240679 1 0.995749 0.582734 0.996059 0.995822
GSM65290 0.984599734 0.995749 1 0.583451 0.993223 0.992575
GSM65291 0.615551187 0.582734 0.583451 1 0.57645 0.578097
GSM65292 0.978893251 0.996059 0.993223 0.57645 1 0.997481
GSM65293 0.977998306 0.995822 0.992575 0.578097 0.997481 1
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Box Plot RNA Plot Heatmap
Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture  
MAS5 QA Scatter Plot