BxGenomics RNA-Seq Service

Biologist-Friendly RNA-Seq Data Analysis Service

Gain biological insights from complex genomic data

Top reasons to utilize this service

Biologically Meaningful Answer

Immediately find changed genes and functional pathways in an easy-to-read report.

Full Potential and Longevity of Data

Explore your results in an interactive online database to delve into details and find new insights.

Expert Bioinformatics Support

Rest assured that your data are in good hands and help is always available.

Key Features

Fast and Easy Service

RNA-Seq Analysis service is easy to use. Just provide raw data and sample description, and a professional report and personal online database will be delivered to you in 1-2 weeks. An expert-designed analysis pipeline will work for you behind the scenes, including comprehensive QC of raw data and gene counts, robust statistical analysis for differentially expressed genes, advanced functional pathway analysis, and more. All results are reviewed by experts before final delivery.

Meaningful and Easy-to-Understand Report

The reports are designed to be easily understandable by biologists. It is based on experience working with hundreds of researchers on RNA-Seq projects. The easy-to-read reports place the most relevant biological information on the front page, with technical details in secondary links.

  • Secure web portal for easy access to all results
  • Differentially expressed genes
  • Enriched pathways and functions
  • Comprehensive QC and unbiased sample clustering to identify potential issues

See what's included in the RNA-Seq report

Extensive Data Mining with Online Database

Unique to BxGenomics service, the gene expression data are automatically uploaded to an interactive web database for further data exploration. This opens unlimited opportunities for continued data mining.

  • Search, review and plot genes by functional terms
  • Create heatmap for genes in a specific pathway
  • Filter genes by statistical values and perform functional enrichment
  • Find correlated genes from a gene of interest
  • Share plots and search results with colleagues

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Knowledgeable and Helpful Service Team

The BxGenomics RNA-Seq service team consists of highly educated scientists and customer support managers with years of experience in biological studies and genomics. The team works collaboratively with customers to provide the utmost service for the success of every RNA-Seq project.  Customers benefit from continuous high quality technical support by a friendly and responsive team.

What is included in BxGenomics RNA-Seq Report

Differentially Expressed Genes (DEGs)

Robust methods are used to identify DEGs, to identify what has changed between biological conditions. Results can be viewed as a summary table, individual gene lists, or a heatmap. Results can also be exported to Excel.

Enriched Pathways from Changed Genes

BxRNASeq provides functional enrichment results from two methods, hypergeometric test and gene set enrichment analysis (GESA). The hypergeometric test compares DEGs with all genes in the genome to find enriched or over-represented functions. GESA examines the fold change of all genes and focuses on changes of expression of groups of genes within the same biological pathway. These two methods often provide similar and complimentary reports.

Comprehensive Quality Assessment

It is important to avoid garbage in, garbage out when processing genomic data. BioInfoRx's RNA-Seq Analysis Service incorporates several QC steps to ensure reliable and accurate results. Raw data QC ensures the sequencing run generates high quality data, gene level QC detects issues like PCR duplications or contaminated samples, finally sample grouping is critical to verify biological differences are above technical variations in the experiment.

Access Results Easily Online

Access your results on a secure website, including all the raw data, alignments, QC, DEG and functional enrichment results. Scientists can directly load the read alignments from our server to genome browsers. Full description of methods is included which can be used in manuscripts.