Free Cloud System to Organize and Share Scientific Papers

  • Read your papers anywhere anytime from any devices
  • Share papers easily for collaboration, meetings and teaching
  • View times cited to identify publications with high impact
  • Cite referencesseamlessly while you write

What's BioInfoMan™ Literature?

BioInfoMan Literature is a free cloud-based system for scientists to organize, read, share, and cite research papers. Its secure cloud storage makes literature collections available online 24/7. Sharing papers for research or teaching has never been easier. The ability to view times cited enables scientists to find influential papers quickly. It is the best way to keep up with current literature and share scientific knowledge.

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It's time to modernize scientific literature management!


Organize and Share Scientific Papers

Access Anywhere

BioInfoMan Literature securely stores all your scientific literature in the cloud, and you have a private web portal to access your papers anywhere, anytime from any computers or mobile devices.

Besides the web portal, there is a companion desktop application which adds offline reading, import tools and other functions.

Import All Your Papers

With the desktop app, you can import:

  • Multiple pdf files with a single click
  • Reference library from other software like EndNote
  • Search results from PubMed or Google Scholar
View Times Cited

Keeping up with current literature is a challenge. With times cited, you can quickly identity influential papers, or find related papers.

Of course you can also find out how many times your own publications have been cited.

Share Papers Easily

Sharing is secure and convenient. You just select groups of papers (tags) to be shared, enter recipients' emails, click "share" and it's done!

It's an innovative way to share papers for:

  • Collaboration
  • Manuscript writing
  • Grant application
  • Journal club
  • Lab meeting
  • Class reading list
Organize and Find Papers Quickly

Tags are categories or key words to organize papers quickly and flexibly. Unlike folders, tags can overlap, and a paper can have many tags. You can access all papers belonging to a tag with a single click in BioInfoMan Literature.

Furthermore, the powerful search and sort functions allow you to find the paper of interest right away.

Cite While You Write

With Paperbox Cite add-in for Windows Microsoft Word, you can insert citations from your literature collection seamlessly without leaving Word.

After writing your manuscript, select a journal style from PaperBox Cite and your manuscript is formatted in a few seconds.

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Search & Sort

Share Papers

Times Cited



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Free Accounts

Read, organize your important papers online, share with others, completely free

  • Manage 50-300 papers
  • Store PDF files online up to 1 GB disk space

Free accounts starts with 50-paper quota, which can grow up to 300 by sharing papers with other users (increase by 25 papers per newly registered user).

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Upgraded Accounts

Manage, share, store unlimited number of papers and PDF files online

  • Manage unlimited number of papers
  • Enjoy unlimited online storage for PDF files

Researchers can enjoy this cloud-based system with no limitations. Upgrade options are available for single, 5-user or 10-user groups, starting at $/month.

We believe cloud computing will revolutionize how scientific knowledge is shared. We wish you enjoy organizing and sharing literature papers in the cloud.

BioInfoMan Literature is free to use and free accounts can manage up to 300 papers. For heavy users, we recommend upgrading to unlimited online storage.