Search, Visualize and Compare Genomic Data Online

Most genomic data is delivered in spreadsheet format, which can be difficult to navigate and compare results across multiple large files. BxGenomicDB enables scientists to create their own interactive web database from genomic results. Researchers can search and filter for genes of interest, plot the data, and compare results from multiple related projects.


BxGenomicDB helps scientists frame the biological questions and get answers quickly

Search and Filter Genes

Interested in the results for one gene, a pathway, or the genes that show significant change with treatment? It is easy to perform versatile searches with the powerful search tool. Click here to review some examples of finding differentially expressed genes.

Plot Data Automatically

Human eyes see pictures much better than numbers. Graphical representation of genomic data helps researchers to easily spot interesting changes. There are multiple styles of plots available to suit different kinds of experiments.

Compare Across Experiments

Key insights can be gained by integrating multiple data sets. Look up genes with an interesting pattern from other related data sets in one click. Learn more about viewing genomic data across multiple experiments.

Find Correlated Genes

If you have found the expression pattern you are looking for, click the correlation button to find other genes with similar profiles in the experiment. Learn more about the correlation features here.

Functional Annotation for Gene Lists

After a list of genes are identified (e.g. differentially expressed genes), the most often asked question is what functions do these genes share? BxGenomicDB can pass the gene list to DAVID tool, where biologists can use a comprehensive set of functional annotation tools to further explore the data. Learn more about functional annotation here.

Example Data for BxGenomicDB

Here are some examples to demonstrate how BxGenomicDB can handle a variety of genomics data.
Contact us to learn how you can create an interactive web database from your own data.

Gene Atlas

Tissue-specific expression pattern can provide important insights regarding gene function. Use one of the buttons below to search for any gene and plot its tissue-specific expression pattern.

Search Gene Atlas Gene Atlas + NCI-60 Gene Atlas + NCI-60 + hES & hiPS

Learn more about gene atlas

Cancer Datasets

Researchers can discover mechanisms and biomarkers from genome-wide cancer data sets. We’ve loaded a few cancer data sets in BxGenomicDB.

Learn more about filtering genes and functional annotation

Transcription Factor Targets

By integrating multiple genomic approaches, one can reliably identify target genes for a specific transcription factor. For example, DNA motif search, TF binding at gene promoters (ChIP-chip), and mRNA induction by activated TF are combined to identify CREB1 target genes in the human genome.

Learn more about viewing genomic data across multiple experiments.

ES Cell Gene Regulation

The global chromatin structure, transcriptional regulation and gene expression programs in ES and iPS cells provide important clues about the pluripotent states. Now you can easily access such information within BxGenomicDB.

Learn more about correlation tools.