mLIMS makes mouse colony management easy.

Search and manage animal and breeding data , add experiment results, attach files, get notified. Get started in minutes!

mLIMS Mouse Colony Management System

mLIMS Mouse Colony Management System

mLIMS is a web-based animal colony management system that helps researchers to improve efficiency and save dramatically on animal research costs. Manage your animal colony safely and securely in the cloud with real-time summaries, automatic reminders, powerful search functions, IACUC Protocol Compliance, and advanced tools for breeding, experiments, and project sharing.

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Everything you need to manage your animal colonies, made simple!

No matter how large or small your colony, mLIMS is equally easy to use.

Manage Your Colony in Real Time

  • Track by genotypes, strains, and more
  • Complex, unlimited genotyping
  • Advanced breeding tools
  • Track and evaluate experimental data and measurements
  • Upgrade from cluttered spreadsheets to well organized online system

Stay Up to Date

  • Email reminders for lab and breeding events
  • Calendar reminders for each user
  • Set up projects for multi-user groups
  • Set user permissions and assign tasks

Complete Timeline for all Animals

  • Track all activities from birth to end point
  • See all breeding history, cage history, and more
  • See all measurement and experiment activity
  • Track pedigree automatically

Use Tools to Do More

  • Design your own cage card using our drag and drop tool
  • Upload files and photos; create a photo gallery for any animal
  • Add and Update records in bulk
  • Import data from Excel, JCMS
  • Visualize your cages with the cage mapping tool

Powerful Reporting

  • Generate reports by animal, cage, measurement, strains, genes or many more.
  • Get overview of animal and cage usages by users, time period, strains.
  • Built-in reporting for IACUC Protocols, animal statistics, usage, breeding performance, and litter survival

Join Your Colleagues

  • mLIMS is trusted by over 12,000 researchers in more than 23 countries around the world since 2006.


Academic and Non-Profit Pricing for mLIMS for Researchers is listed below. Contact Us for Commercial Pricing

Single User


Good for labs with only one researcher responsible for animal information tracking

  • Up to 1 user
  • One setting
Pay with credit card

UP to 10 users


Good for medium labs with up to 10 users.

  • Up to 10 users
  • Personal Preferences
  • Audit trail at user level
  • Projects with different settings
Pay with credit card

Up to 20 users


Good for large labs with up to 20 users.

  • Up to 20 users
  • Personal Preferences
  • Audit trail at user level
  • Projects with different settings
Pay with credit card

Single User

In this mode, only one user can access the system. It is good for labs with only one researcher responsible for animal information tracking. A single user account contains all features except Projects, which is designed for multi-user groups. Account sharing is not recommended for audit trail and tasks; if you have more than one user, a group account will meet those needs.

Group User

In this mode, multiple users can access the system simultaneously. Each user has an independent account with permissions set by the group manager. Whenever a record is updated, mLIMS will show who made the last changes. The system can also summarize the number of cages and animals for each user.

Large Group (21 users or more)

Please contact us for pricing information.

mLIMS Enterprise and Facility

Please contact us for pricing. Please provide information regarding hosting, number of labs, number of cages in facility, number of users, and any other special requirements.

Alternative Payment Method

We accept checks, credit cards, purchase orders, and wire transfers. Please contact us for details.

Try mLIMS for free. No payment required to try mLIMS!

Customer Success Stories

mLIMS is trusted by over 12,000 researchers in more than 23 countries around the world since 2006.

Join other researchers in the USA, Canada, Austria, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, and many more!

“There are very few programs available like mLIMS, and these other few are either too complicated or too simple to use.”

Haluk Yuzugulu, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School

“We have been using mLIMS for over 7 years and are very pleased with our choice. The user-friendly features of this animal colony software program have been especially helpful in the transition from our old mouse colony maintenance system. Also, the customer service from BioInfoRx has been excellent!”

Chan Bouribon, Lab Manager, Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute, Northwestern University

“We have more than three transgenic mice colonies in our lab. We had a hard time managing each colony well. It is a challenge for us to consistently record data. In the last 6 years, we have been using mLIMS mouse colony software. It is very easy to enter and display mice data. The developer responded very promptly to resolve our questions. I love to use it every day. Thank you for mLIMS, my colonies are secure.”

Sung-Hyeok Hong, DVM, PhD, Georgetown University

mLIMS Family

There are multiple versions of mLIMS to fit your needs.

Product Description
mLIMS Standard Animal colony management for individual research labs
mLIMS Enterprise Group license for multiple research labs in a department or institute.
mLIMS Facility Special version for managing animal colony at a core facility; it provides accurate animal census reporting, task management and billing capabilities. Researchers will have read-only access to the system.
mLIMS Complete All the features of mLIMS Standard, Enterprise and Facility to meet the needs of your entire organization
  mLIMS Standard mLIMS Enterprise mLIMS Facility mLIMS Complete
Animal/Cage Tools
Breeding Tools
Protocol Management
Service Request
Medical Record
Quarantine Tools
Cage Census
Rack/Room Tools
Access multiple labs
User Permissions
Transfer data between labs
Admin Control Panel


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