BioInfoRx provides Lab Essential Software Solutions (LESS™) for scientific research laboratories, covering lab management, data analysis, and custom system needs. BioInfoRx LESS™ cloud contains basic components for daily lab management and data analysis. If special systems are needed, please check our Custom Web Systems services.
Lab Management
Manage and share animal colony information online
Process order requests and track lab inventory
Collect, read, share, and cite scientific papers
Store, manage, and share files for the whole lab
Data Analysis
Search and visualize large genomic datasets online
Manage and share gene sequences, online cloning
Genomic Data Analysis Services
Process next-generation sequencing data online
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Free Systems from BioInfoRx
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  • Calculate Concentrations Using Standard Curve New!
    Besides plotting standard curve, this program calculates linear fitting equation, R2, and theoretical concentrations.
  • Functional Gene Enrichment
    Perform gene enrichment analysis on a variety of categories including function, localization, pathways, protein domains ...
  • BxMeetings
    Online Lab Meeting and Collaboration Solutions. It is ready-to-use, reliable, secure, and free!
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"...there are very few programs available like mLIMS, and these other few are either too complicated or simple..."

Haluk Yuzugullu, PhD,

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University

"We have been using mLIMS for over a year and are very pleased with our choice. The user-friendly features of this software program have been especially helpful in the transition from our old mouse colony maintenance system. Also, the customer service from BioInfoRx has been excellent!"

Chan Bouribon

Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute, Northwestern University School of Medicine

"We have more than three transgenic mice colonies in our lab. We had a hard time managing each colony well. It is a challenge for us to consistently record data. In the last 5 months, we have been using mLIMS mouse colony software. It is very easy to enter and display mice data. The developer responded very promptly to resolve our questions. I love to use it every day. Thank you for mLIMS; my colonies are secure."

Sung-Hyeok Hong, DVM, PhD,

Georgetown University

"I tried different colony management software and it was extremely difficult to manage. I am very happy with the services from mLIMS and the customer service."

Cassandra Roeske,

University of Ottawa Heart Institute

"BioInfoRx mLIMS is simply the best mouse colony management program that we have ever used. It has a simple structure and intuitive interface that are in accordance with real environments in a research laboratory. It is also cloud based, and provides easy access and team collaboration. While there are still more features to expect, I believe mLIMS has the potential to become the best program of its type on the market."

Yuhang Zhang, PhD,

University of Cincinnati

"As our lab and animal colony grew, it became clear we needed to get organized and mobile, with users at multiple sites. mLIMS has an easy user interface, great on-the-go updating ability, and helpful output in the form of printable cage cards and facility maps. Most importantly, Derrick at mLIMS has helped us so much - from entering and importing data to tweaking the database to best fit our needs. mLIMS is a great organizational and time-saving tool!"

Martha Zeeman

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory