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  • Manage, Analyze, Store and Share DNA and oligo sequences online.
  • Design molecular cloning constructs without copy-and-paste sequences.
  • Completely web-based, integrated with many tools, save everything online.
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Key Features
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BxSeqTools Makes Everything Available to You

This integrated system allows you to perform sequence analysis, use your own data and resources, use public databases like GenBank, organize the results, and perform further statistics using built in bioinformatics tools. Everything is seamlessly integrated.

BxSeqTools is Essential for Teamwork

Keep everything organized. All of these tools make it the perfect system to share sequence data among lab members so communication is greatly improved.

Stop Making Mistakes, Let The Computers Do It Perfectly and Automatically

BxSeqtools has highly automated data processing procedures including a cloning wizard which eliminates impossible sites, one-click to view the sequence map, automatic PCR or gene synthesis primer design and only one-click to see the virtual-cloned construct.

Why Using BxSeqTools Makes You a Better Researcher?

  • By combining sequence analysis software with automated bioinformatics software, you can save time by focusing on the results that are the most statistically significant.
  • Use our proven sequence alignment algorithms to get more work done in less time.
  • Easily link to public and local databases and securely share your data with colleages while keeping it organized so you always know where everything is.
  • Everything is automatic, take the work out of sequence analysis and molecular cloning.
  • Foolproof cloning design wizard allows you to easily do Sub-cloning, PCR cloning, TA-TOPO cloning, Directional TOPO cloning, Gateway cloning, Gene synthesis, and more.
  • One-click primer design for sequencing and PCR and rare codon analysis of any sequence.
  • Easy and fast advanced restriction enzyme digestion analysis, protein and DNA sequence format conversion, and automated sequence feature prediction.

Key Features

BxSeqTools is Unique- You Can't Find These Tools Anywhere Else

  • Easy-to-use (the easiest!) search tools to retrieve molecule sequences from GenBank.
  • Automatic Sub-cloning
  • Automatic PCR cloning
  • Automatic TA-TOPO cloning
  • Automatic Directional TOPO cloning
  • Automatic Gateway cloning
  • Automatic Gene synthesis
  • One-click sequencing and PCR primer design
  • Rare codon analysis of any sequences
  • Advanced restriction enzyme digestion analysis
  • One-click protein and DNA sequence format conversion
  • Automatic sequence feature prediction



Analysis Preview

Online Sequencing Alignment

In this demo, we are going to align two sequences. We want to find out the difference between two DNA sequences including mutations, insertions and deletions.