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Product Help and Manuals
  • Online Functional Gene Enrichment
    Gene enrichment analysis on a variety of categories including function, localization, pathways, protein domains, etc.
  • Metabolite/Chemical Compound Database
    Searching over 20,000 metabolites and chemical compounds based on mass, formula, annotation and other conditions. Most records are linked to CAS, METLIN, KEGG, HMP, LMP, and other databases. Users can also add their own compounds or notes.
  • Smart Way to Align Sequences
    Typically, the purpose to align sequences is to find the difference. This tool summarizes the alignment results (insertion, deletion, and mutation), and highlights them directly.
  • Documents for Bio-Linux Software
    Still using Linux command line bio-software? Here you can find documents for many of them, e.g., abiview, lalign, blastall, and a lot more. There are documents for over 500 bio-tools!